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Holiday Express, founded in 1993 by Tim McLoone, works year 'round to deliver "the gift of human kindness" to adults and children in need. Desantis Creative had just begun the process of rebranding Holiday Express, having just completed the redesign of their logo, when I first began my work there. One of my first projects at Desantis was redesigning the Holiday Express website.

Soon after the redesign, Holiday Express became a primary client of mine. I have since created several years' worth of holiday appeals, print advertisements, web images, and various other print pieces. In 2012 I was posed with the task of redesigning their annual yearbook. I approached this piece, not as a yearbook, but more as a magazine-annual report hybrid. This new publication is called "Seasons", as Holiday Express refers to each year of work as a Holiday Express "Season". The content included volunteer stories, infographics about volunteers and gift bags, testimonials from clients, and a retrospective of the 20 seasons of Holiday Express.

Credits Principal : Dave DeSantis, Creative Director: Christian Luis


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